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My complaint is seeing one or two people, who don't know the meaning of a contract, trying to discredit a reputable company.

In October 2007 I started looking for my sister that had been put up for adoption before I was born. I registered on every site online I could find, including I was contacted by a couple of search angels, but they never got back to me. Then, givenright called me and I had them start my search. Within a few weeks I got a call saying they had found her. They gave me not only her name, address, and phone number, but also the names of her adoptive parents and brother, where they worked, and her myspace page (which had pictures of her for me to see). They even told me how to make contact. I met my sister for the first time in March and have formed a relationship that would never have been possible if it weren't for Jennifer Robinson and

I am tired of seeing a couple of sour grapes complaining online about a legitimate company and calling it a scam just because things don't happen the way they want it to. I know I signed a contract with givenright that said they had a minimum of 90 days to work on a case and that the retainer is non-refundable.


Review about: Genealogical Search.



givenright is a ripp off,and *** artist

I gave here the last dollar to find my sister and they nothing,but take my money are liers of liers,I just came from the VA hospital with a stroke,and gaveright said" they find my sister,and they




In 2005 I contact Jennifer at Givenright and gave her the limited info I had. She found my birthmom, brother and sister the same day. I don't know what has happened since then, but she came thru for me.


Again, if we had just not gotten the outcome we needed BETHANY (Jennifer), that would have been ok.But in almost every case she told us she had the information, we paid the second payment and then she vanishes!!!

Now thank God, her website is down.

It is about time!!!

She may have started out being legitimate but now she just doesn't want to do the work she is PAID FOR!!!It has nothing to do with the being disappointed in the outcome.


I contacted this "company" about petitioning the court for adoption records.At first all appeared well.

But the more I pushed for a status on the proceedings I got stalls and excuses - 2 calls were never returned.

Then the website is gone - the phone number is no longer in service.This is a scam - the positive stories you hear from people are fiction - trying to divert attention of any new "clients" - Do not give her money - other people have mentioned paypal - she also uses western union.


I don't have any information on other clients.All I know is that the company did their job in my case and therefore it shouldn't be labeled as a scam.

I have seen others who have posted saying that Jennifer Robinson found their birth mothers or children that had been placed for adoption as well.Just because one or two people don't get the outcome they desire, doesn't show the company to be illegitimate.

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Givenright: Fraudulent Services

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Givenright does not provide the services contracted.After payment is made for services, no further contact is made, and promised refunds are not returned.

Avoid this "company". Jennifer Robinson, the owner, appears to be some sort of conartist, and claims to have reunited thousands of birth families. She will string you along, providing bits and pieces of information that seem believable, but then provied nothing in the end. If you try and pursue the information you contracted for, she will not return phone calls or emails.

I have encountered several other people who have been cheated out of their deposits and payments.

Review about: Genealogical Research.



I contacted GivenRight in 2005 to find my Birthmom and brother.Jennifer took my limited info and found them in a couple of hours.

She was professional, courteous and helpful. I have a great relationship with them now after 35 years of being separated.

Not sure what happened between now and then, but I am a real person and will be glad to verify this


Did it ever occur to any of you people that Jennifer has an obligation not to give out the birth mother's name if she does not want to be found....NOT ALL BIRTH MOTHERS WANTS TO BE FOUND...For many it was just a one night stand...Face it none of us can walk on water....EVER WHO STARTER THIS WEB PAGE SHOULD BE SUED...SHE HAS NO WAY OF KNOWING UNTIL SHE DOES THE SEARCH JUST HOW THIS BIRTH MOTHER FEELS...JENNIFER SHOULD BE PAID FOR HER SERVICES REGARDLESS HOW IT ENDS.....WHEN WE GO TO A RESTURANT WE MUST PAY FOR THE FOOD EVEN IF ITS HORRIBLE......LETS BE ADULTS!!!


GIVENRIGHT.COM IS A SCAM!Victims, please email me for info at

I'll be happy to share the steps with you and help put a stop to this scam! I was adopted at birth in 1972. In an effort to search for my birth mother, I registered on some websites. I was contacted by Jennifer Robinson at On April 2, 2009 and told that she could find my birth mother in a matter of days and she does not charge unless she finds her.

I sent her my information on a Friday and on Monday, she called and told me she had my birth mother's name. On Tuesday, she called and said she spoke with my birth mother and she did want to speak with me. She went ahead and told me that my birth mother gave up another child before me, that she had been married six times, and she even told me the name my birth mother gave me when I was born. She told me that once I Western Union the $250, she would give me all of the contact information I needed along with background checks, etc.

I sent the money that night. In the morning, I did receive an email from Jennifer that included SIX names, and no contact information. When I asked her about this, she told me which name was her maiden name and that she would give me the contact information in a few days because my birth mother asked for a few days to tell her family about me. She also promised to send me the background information in the meantime.

Every day I waited for the information, and when I would call Jennifer, she would have a new excuse. Her child was sick, she was sick, she hurt her eye, Comcast was down, she was working from the library. I finally started researching the names that she gave me and found the family the person on the list that Jennifer had claimed to be my birth mothers maiden name. The woman had died in 2007 and the rest of the family was going crazy trying to figure out if I was related to them.

I then decided to contact the Adoption agency to confirm the name. Not only was that person NOT by biological mother, but NONE of the SIX names she provided me were my biological mother. Jennifer claimed that she didn't know what was going on and that her 'friend' in vitals has never given her incorrect information before. I asked Jennifer for the number to the woman she claimed to have spoken with and she told me the could not find the number.

She was going to go through her phone records to find it. She insisted she would figure this out. I have not heard from Jennifer Robinson or since then. I've emailed her and tried to call her numerous times and have gotten no response.

I have gotten read receipts that she has read my emails, but does not respond to them. To this date, I still have not received a refund.

I started searching the internet only to find more and more victums of Jennifer Robinson and I decided to create this website so we can all pull together and put a stop to this scam.

Lostwithiel, England, United Kingdom #45056

I defy ANYONE to prove that this team of conartists has reunited even ONE family!The last contact I had with givenright, had them making claims that the owner had been made so ill by people verbally attacking her, that she was forced to close the business....yeah, right!

Sarcoidosis, my ***!...and that bit about the BBB? I made 3 complaints, and not ONE of them was resolved...the BBB couldn't get a response from the company!

Liars, cheats, and dare I say thieves?If they were truly a reputable business, they would've given me the refund I requested, rather than just avoiding me.


I can only speak for myself, but I am a real person who was really reunited with my sister by Jennifer Robinson. You can contact me at for verification.


Isn't it funny how all these people that support givenright where ALL made all at the sametime???

Written by Bethany, on 26-09-2008 12:58

Written by Allyson, on 26-09-2008 13:40

Written by Rachel, on 26-09-2008 14:06

Written by Tammy Grant, on 26-09-2008 17:55

HA HA that's sad when a company has to lie about who they have found and who they have not!! I can understand maybe one or two people posting something here on the same day but 4 within hours of each other!! SAD SAD SAD


Check the Better Business Bureau. Rather than just allowing anyone to post slanderous statements on their website, they actually take the time to investigate each case individually, thus discrediting most of these negative statements.


Funny how are the "pro" givenright comments are written within hours of each other on the same day...One would think that the same person either wrote all the comments or called his/her friends to write in.

By the way, the definition of slander is, "a statement that makes a false claim." Being that everything said against is true and documented in emails and phone calls makes it the truth, not slander.


I have a large list of people whom have been lied to by Jennifer Robinson.

She told them all that she found their birth families but after getting the extra 200.00 plus dollars she would call back telling them that the birth family want NOTHING to do with them.. how sad When really Jennifer was unable to locate the birth family and contact had not been made.

If you want to use her go ahead but you will only be heart broken in the end because she WILL NOT be able to locate your family!


My name is Tammy and I went to to search for my birth mother 2 years ago, Jennifer Robinson was professial and very nice, she reunited me with my birth mother and it took a few days and I have never been happier, when I saw this bad reports about this company I almost fall over in maddness because this women is a angel from God and we love her.


My mom never kept it a secret that I have an older sister. Last year around my birthday she decided to do a search for her. She hired to do the search. At first, we thought that it would take a long time to do the search. After my mom signed the contract and paid the deposit, it was only FOUR HOURS later that my sister was found.

We got pictures, a myspace page address, her name, her phone number, her address, her parents names, her brother's name. It was so exciting to finally have a name and a face to go along with what had always been in my heart.

She looks like me and my mom. I just know that this is my sister. We owe it all to for finding her.

It breaks my heart to think that there are people out there that will slander the good name of such a wonderful company like They are good people; they are a wonderful company; and they are a reputable business. I would highly recommend them to anyone searching for someone who has been separated by adoption.


They found my daughter is less than a day! I researched several companies online before choosing I chose them because of their low price, their friendliness, and their professionalism.

I have been nothing but satisfied, and I would recommend this company to ANYONE who is searching for someone that has been separated from them by adoption.

It was worth EVERY cent I paid!


I had a great experience with hired them to find my sister that was placed for adoption before I was born and they found her.

I chose givenright because their rates were much more reasonable than any other search company I found online.

I got more information than I ever hoped for (sister's name, address, phone number, adoptive parent's names, brother's name, myspace page with pictures, etc).I feel like I ripped them off!

Since I am one of the "thousands" that Jennifer Robinson helped reunited, I think it is fair to say that GIVENRIGHT.COM IS A LEGITIMATE SEARCH COMPANY!

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